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Driving an ATV in East Zion, Utah

Heading into the new year craving new adventures? Whatever gets your heart pumping with excitement—thrilling backcountry adventures, Jeep tours, rappelling, or simply hiking through a Zion slot canyon—we’ve got just the thing! Here are 23 Zion Adventures for 2023. Click any headline for more details and booking information. 

Seven Thrilling Jeep Tours

1. Top of the World

For an amazing Zion experience, start at the top! The stunning views from our Top of the World Jeep tour will leave you speechless. Drink in the beauty and grandeur of Zion National Park, East Zion, and the incredible surrounding national parks and wilderness area from an incredible vantage point you can only get with East Zion Adventures.

a field with a mountain in the background

2. Checkerboard Overlook

Enjoy the bumpy thrills on the way to view some of Zion National Park’s most awesome formations. We’ll travel through a forested plateau overlooking Zion’s East Rim Trail, where you’ll see Checkerboard Mesa and Jolley Gulch from the top down. 

a truck is parked in the dirt

3. Zion Mountain Jeep Tour

Stand atop the grand landscapes of East Zion and soak in the incredible views from this exclusive view of Zion National Park. 

a group of sheep standing on top of a mountain in East Zion, Utah

4. Brushy Cove

Our most extreme off-road adventure! Sit back and enjoy the ride as you ascend over 1,500 feet, pass an abandoned miners cabin, and take in the breathtaking views of Zion and the surrounding canyons. This tour offers the most spectacular fall colors. 

Brushy Cove Jeep Tour near Utah's Zion National Park

5. Red Canyon Jeep Tour

Venture to scenic overlooks of the east fork of the Virgin River while learning about Zion’s geology and history. This Jeep adventure is sure to satisfy both history buffs and thrill-seekers.

A family walking together and enjoying a Zion Jeep Tour at one of the scenic locations in Red Canyon

6. Zion Cliffs Sunset

This tour travels to a similar destination as the Red Canyon Jeep Tour, with incredible sweeping views of Zion National Park’s remote backcountry. It’s stunning at sunset, and a must-see. 

Zion National Park East Zion Jeep Tour sunset view

7. Zion Sunset

Sometimes it’s about the journey AND the destination. Take it simple and slow with this quiet adventure and enjoy 360 views as the sunsets. It’s the perfect end to an adventure-packed day, and a great start to your 2023 adventures.

Sunset Jeep tour in east zion, Utah


Four Off-Road Adventures for an Adrenaline Rush

8. Guided Off-Road Adventure  

This is one of two off-road experience that YOU get to drive! After a prep and instruction session, you’ll get to drive a customized 2022 Can’am Maverick through East Zion’s spectacular backcountry, stopping at two main viewpoints for pictures. Buckle up and let’s go!

a truck that is sitting on a rock

9. Diana’s Throne UTV Adventure

Our second off-road experience that you get to drive. Thrill seekers will love this exhilarating backcountry tour of East Zion.

UTV ride in East Zion, Utah

10. Crimson Canyon Hike & UTV Adventure

This non-technical hiking tour takes you on an off-road UTV adventure to the mouth of Crimson Canyon, one of East Zion’s spectacular slot canyons. 

a person in a canyon

11. Red Rock Slot Canyon

This tour begins with a thrilling ride in a customized off-road machine leading to a slot canyon, which is privately accessed and far from any paved roads.

Exploring a Zion slot canyon


Six Once-in-a-Lifetime Canyoneering Adventures

Our guided slot canyon tours range from half day to full day and non-technical (hiking) to technical (rappelling required). We have an adventure for every ability level or group size!

12. Elkheart Canyon & UTV Adventure

Hop into one of our customized UTVs as we take a thrilling ride to a world-class, private access, backcountry slot canyon. Of all of our canyoneering tours, this is often considered the most scenic as well as the most beginner friendly. This tour features three total rappels, with the highest descent reaching almost 100 feet! 

A guest is seen canyoneering through the chambers of Elkheart Canyon and captures a photo-worthy moment

13. Stone Hollow Canyon

This full-day canyoneering experience includes 10 rappels, with the highest reaching 100 feet!

Canyoneering in Zion National Park

14. Coral Sands Canyon

A half-day canyoneering adventure featuring a 70-foot rappel! 

a person in a canyon

15. Powell’s Way: Full Day Canyoneering Adventure

This full-day canyoneering tour is one for the bucket list. You get it all, beginning with a stunning off-road Jeep excursion into the heart of Zion National Park’s backcountry, followed by not one, not two, but SIX breathtaking rappels! Add in some rock scrambling and hiking for an iconic Utah slot canyon experience. 

a woman canyoneering in zion

16. Rock Drop Canyon

The ideal canyoneering adventure for larger parties or newbies to canyoneering. This short but beautiful canyon features  two rappels with the highest totaling 100 feet.  

Person canyoneering in East Zion, Utah

17. Crimson Canyon

Beginning with a UTV tour, this canyoneering adventure features a hike through 100-foot high canyon walls. Your guide will assist as you scramble over large boulders with short climbs of three to six feet. 


Six Adventures You Have to Experience on Horseback

18. White Sands Sunset Horseback Ride

Soak in the beautiful sunset over East Zion! Enjoy amazing red rock views as you ride along the base of Red Hollow and White Mountain.

a group of people that are standing in the grass

19. White Mountain Horseback Ride

Why limit yourself to one adventure when you can have two? This guided tour combines two of Southern Utah’s most popular activities: exploring scenic slot canyons and horseback riding.  

a group of people riding horseback in East Zion

20.  Zion Sunset Horseback Ride

Saddle up on the back of one of our majestic horses and experience the views of Zion National Park on this incredible 1.5-hour trail ride that will take you off into the sunset.

a person standing in front of a mountain

21. Pine Knoll Horseback Ride

For the 2-hour ride, you will start out by going up switchbacks, then embrace the amazing views as you ride up the ridge to our Pine Knoll viewpoint.

a man riding a horse in a field

22. Twin Knoll Horseback Ride

Ride to the top of Twin Knoll for views of Zion National Park, the Elk Heart Mountains, the Kaibab Mountain Range, and surrounding canyons. Excellent for beginner and intermediate riders.

a person riding a horse in a field

23. Pine Grove Horseback Ride

Pine Grove Trail is best for beginners or those who want a peaceful horseback riding experience. Ride through the trees and open areas while learning about horses and spotting wildlife.

Horseback Ride at Sunset


Three Bonus Unique East Zion Adventures You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

1. Guided Angels Landing Hike

Hike the iconic Angels Landing with one of our expert guides—no permit needed. We can also guide your hike if you happened to score a permit! 

A person hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Photo: Alyssa Smailes

2. Abandoned Mine Hike

Enjoy backcountry views of Zion National Park landmarks as we head off in a UTV to the trailhead.  A short walk into the abandoned mine reveals mine cart tracks and the remnants of the historic operation.

People hiking an abandoned mine in Utah

3. Sunset Guided Hike

Take only pictures Leave No Trace

Enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the east Zion area. Enjoy a snack and watch the sun dip below the red rocks. This hike is approximately one mile, round trip.


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