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One of the most popular tours offered at East Zion Jeep Tours is the Radio Tower Jeep Tour. This 2-hour tour provides incredible views of Zion and the surrounding area, views that too often go unseen. You will not want to forget your camera on this fun, family-friendly adventure.

picture of Zion National Park with labels


The Experience

The Radio Tower tour is popular for providing people with high views of Zion and the surrounding canyons. From the various viewpoints, you will see the majestic layers of the Grand Staircase (the exposed layers of rock that extend over vast regions of Southern Utah). Be sure to ask your guide to give you some background about the history and geology of the Zion area while you are out.

The tour is perfectly created for those wanting to get into the backcountry quickly, see incredible sights, and return with enough time to fill their day with more activities in and around Zion. While this trip has incredible views for the adventurous, the hiking involved is minimal and easy, so it is popular even for those with children.

As you explore the mountains and cliffs on the Radio Tower tour, don’t be surprised if you see some deer, rabbits, or wild turkey. And if you are out in the evening, you may even hear an occasional coyote singing in the distance. Commonly sighted birds include the turkey vulture, hawk, and golden eagle, which are often visible overhead. The critically endangered California Condor is also increasingly seen in and around the Park. (As of 2019, a couple of condors built a nest and recently hatched a chick in Zion, so the condor population will hopefully begin to rise.)

The Details

Each Radio Tower Jeep Tour lasts 2 to 2.5 hours. While availabilities and schedules will depend on weather conditions and reservations, the first tour begins at 8am MST. A total of five tours are offered throughout the day, with the last one beginning at 5pm.

The tour costs $99 per adult or $89 for youth 17 and under. This price includes the jeep, guiding services, gas, snacks, and water. For large groups of six or more, East Zion Jeep Tours will provide a 10% discount.

Some Suggestions

This jeep tour, like all others offered by East Zion Jeep Tours, is weather dependent. We suggest you check the weather and call beforehand to make sure the tour is still available for the day. Depending on the year, it is possible that the high-elevation trails will see a significant amount of snow. While the weather can be sporadic in Utah’s high deserts, we will do our best to inform you promptly of any weather-related issues or concerns.

The Jeep tour includes various snacks and plenty of water, but it is recommended that you pack as if you would spend the day hiking in the sun. Some common items to bring would be sunscreen, extra water, a hat, hiking shoes, binoculars, a camera, sunglasses, and bug spray.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to mention a few words about Jeep safety. While the Jeep’s quality suspension will significantly decrease any discomfort you will feel, the seats are open-aired. So it is important to use standard vehicle caution while riding (stay seated when the Jeep is moving, use the seat belts, keep your arms and hands within the Jeep, and so on). When you step out to look at the various overlooks, be sure to stay a safe distance from edges and cliffs.

If you are hoping to see incredible views on your trip, the Radio Tower tour is for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to being your guides!