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east zion adventure guide mikayla

When Mikayla thinks back to her first summer at Zion Ponderosa, she smiles. The East Zion adventure guide knew right from the start that working there would influence her life in the best way possible.

A deep appreciation for nature is just one of the many benefits from her time as a recreation guide. Mikayla’s memories range from funny to touching, especially during her interactions with guests. “To this day I remember the guests and the connection we had, even if it was for just one day or even one hour.”

Step outside your comfort zone in east zion

Mikayla’s absolute favorite experience was taking people places where they had never been and sharing new experiences with them. “You see their eyes light up, like they know they have been a little bit changed since 30 seconds ago,” she says. “There were many times that I would take a little family on an ATV ride or even take them down the zip line and they are terrified! They don’t think they can do it or have the skill, but through a little friendly persuasion and coaching they do and they have never been so proud of themselves. For me that is the coolest experience to be a part of.”


There is more to life than just staying busy! Learn to live in the moment and enjoy the times where you are learning and feeling uncomfortable because those are the times that shape you!

–Mikayla, Zion Ponderosa Recreation Guide

East Zion Adventure Guides

The northern Utah native is now working towards becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant while working full time at a pain clinic in St George. She credits her Zion Ponderosa experience with learning to live in the moment and stepping outside of her comfort zone, both of which have helped her navigate her chosen career field and excel in new ways. “I can’t express enough the unforgettable influence that Zion Ponderosa had on my life,” she says. “There were many times while working there I had to pretend like I was confident while I really wasn’t, but it always worked out great and I would always come out learning something new about myself.”