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So, you’re thinking about trying an exciting new adventure and canyoneering is at the top of your list. Or maybe you’ve been canyoneering before and are trying to decide which East Zion Adventures guided canyoneering option to experience during your Zion National Park vacation. Whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced, there’s a slot canyon excursion for just about every Zion Ponderosa guest. We break them down for you in this blog.  

Technical canyoneering adventures

East Zion Adventures slot canyon tours are all relatively beginner-friendly as far as technical skills go. The main things that differentiate each guided canyoneering adventure we offer are the hiking distances, how long each tour takes, and the number and length of rappels. 

Beginner guided canyoneering

A guest is seen canyoneering through the chambers of Elkheart Canyon and captures a photo-worthy moment

Elkheart Canyon is our most popular beginner-friendly canyoneering adventure. This excursion is known for its short approach/exit hikes, fun rappels, and deep slot canyon sections. 

a person in a canyon

Coral Sands is a half-day canyoneering adventure that explores East Zion’s stunning slot canyons while also experiencing the unique activity of rappelling. This adventure features five total rappels, with the highest descent over 70 feet tall. Learn more. 

Intermediate canyoneering tours

Canyoneering in Zion National Park

Stone Hollow is a moderately strenuous canyoneering experience that includes 10 rappels, with the highest reaching 100 feet! Plan on a full day for this adventure. Participants should be able to comfortably hike a total of six miles. Learn more. 

Advanced canyoneering adventures

a canyon with a mountain in the background

Powell’s Way—Want to take your adventures to the next level? Look no further than our newest full-day canyoneering tour. Powell’s Way requires a combination of rappelling, rock scrambling, hiking and grit, with a total of six rappels. It’s an adventure you won’t soon forget! Book now. 

Non-technical hiking tours

There’s more than one way to explore southern Utah’s stunning slot canyons. Even non-technical hiking through slots canyons is still “canyoneering.” So if you’re not sure rappelling is for you, here are a few options that don’t require specialized gear or skills. 

Person in slot canyon near Zion National Park

Crimson Canyon UTV/Hiking Tour is a combo adventure that begins with a thrilling ride to a private access slot canyon. We hike into the canyon, where stunning red rock canyon walls soar over 100 feet high on either side. Guided by a local expert and featuring some scrambling and rock climbing, canyoneers of all experience levels will enjoy this adventure. Book now.

People standing in a Zion slot canyon

Red Rock Slot Canyon Hiking Tour. This adventure doesn’t require any scrambling or rock climbing, making it the perfect combo adventure for different skill levels. Learn more. 

Safety attachments are attached to a student participating in the Zion Rappelling Course

Rappelling class. Are you a beginner looking to learn the ropes? Sign up for our rappelling class to get a better feel for the territory before jumping in! 


Canyoneering is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the Zion National Park area is one of the premier destinations in the world for slot canyon exploration. With half and full-day tour options, as well as a climbing wall and combined rappelling and jeep tours, we have the perfect adventure options for all ages and skill levels. Add an East Zion Adventures canyoneering excursion to your Zion Ponderosa stay for an unforgettable adventure. 


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Contributor: @averagejoadventures