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Canyoneering safety

Canyoneering is the ultimate way to experience southern Utah’s beauty. The Zion National Park area features world-class canyoneering that includes hiking, climbing, scrambling and rappelling. We are excited to take you out on this Zion canyoneering adventure.

Practice Climbing and Rappelling

East Zion Adventures provides training prior to heading out on canyoneering adventures. Our guides have experience in guiding people of all skill levels.

Get comfortable before you make the leap into canyoneering with a few practice runs or lessons on Zion Ponderosa’s climbing wall. We have beginner and intermediate routes good for all ages.

Climbing Wall Canyoneering Safety

Canyoneering Safety

In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable canyoneering experience with East Zion Adventures, guests should follow and listen to their canyoneering guide at all times.

Steer clear of steep edges during your canyoneering adventure. Keep in mind that when you get down into the canyon, you will get a beautiful view while safely connected to the rope.

If your hair is long enough to fit in a ponytail, we advise tying it back so it doesn’t get caught in the rappelling device.

What to bring

We provide all the necessary technical equipment for your experience, but recommend guests:

  • Bring 2 to 3 liters of water and enough snacks to sustain your energy while hiking and exploring the canyon. Remember that this is a desert climate so you’ll want to stay hydrated during your canyoneering adventure.


  • Wear lightweight yet sturdy shoes with rubber outsoles. Your feet are likely to get wet, so wear waterproof socks or bring a backup pair of dry socks. We offer a gear rental package that includes waterproof hiking shoes and neoprene socks.


  • Dress in light layers. Slot canyons can be cool, chilly and often wet. Even if the temperature is 100 degrees in the sun, once you get inside a slot canyon, the temp can drop significantly. Long pants such as leggings or lightweight hiking pants can help protect knees. Ask your guide if they expect the canyon to have any water in it before you go out so you can dress accordingly.


  • Use sunscreen


  • Bring a backpack to hold water, snacks, sunscreen and other personal items. All personal items must be secured to you. Phones and cameras are your responsibility. Guides are not responsible for damages to your personal property while assisting you.


Zion Ponderosa Adventure Guide Mia Canyoneering

Things to Remember

• Be sure to tell your guide prior to heading out on your canyoneering adventure if you have any preexisting medical conditions such as back, knee or heart problems, asthma, or any other medical concerns. This helps East Zion Adventures be prepared. Guides can also assist with carrying medical supplies.


• Consult with your guide about when it is appropriate to take pictures and video. We want to help you document your adventure but safety is always our first priority.


• Please note that there is a 250-pound weight limit for canyoneering. The strenuous nature of this activity makes it generally best for ages 12 and up although many younger children have enjoyed the canyoneering experience.


• Canyoneering is a weather-dependent activity. Please call ahead to confirm that weather is not affecting your scheduled experience.


Feel free to ask your guide any questions you may have. Have fun!