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With the strong interest that Zion National Park has acquired over the past four years, here’s a quick look at some ways to find great experiences on the edges of the park.

Jeep Tours Zion Park

Jeep Tours:

Guided Jeep Tours are not an experience that is available inside the park but it is something you can experience on the eastern edge of the park through East Zion Jeep Tours.  With options for at least three different half-day Jeep tours, plus a sunset jeep tour, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the adventure of discovering each of these seldom seen locations.  Of course the best place to lay your head is Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort which offers eight different lodging types from tented camping, RV, glamping, small cabins, western wagons, and deluxe vacation homes.  East Zion Jeep Tours will guide you into the vast back canyons and over scenic plateaus on the eastern side of Utah’s Zion National Park, for jeep tour adventures and scenic views that will take your breath away.  Learn more.

Utah Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding:

While you’re on the eastern side of Zion National Park, you can get your western adventure really going with a horseback ride through the forest and over the undulating terrain of Zion’s upper plateau.  Horseback riding adventures are led by experienced wranglers who know the lay of the land, the stories of the west, and the topography of this dramatic region. Saddle up and capture the feel of the old American West on your own cayuse.  There’s even an opportunity for short horse rides for the littlest wranglers in your crew.  Learn more about horseback riding.



This may be a term that is less familiar to you, but it essentially is referencing an opportunity for slot canyon exploration, and for many this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  Experienced guides will take you into the deepest recesses of the slot canyons just outside of Zion National Park, and you’ll learn and how these other-worldly formations were created.  Water, wind, debris, and weather have all contributed to the intricate carving and etching of each slot canyon section.  Often times a jeep tour can bring adventures to the head of a slot canyon where the rock scrambling and rappelling experience really begins.  If there’s one thing that can only be experienced in a few place of the world, this is it.

Guided Hiking tours near Zion

Guided Hiking: 

Once you go on a hike with an expert local guide, you may never go out on your own again. Many visitors find that the experience with a guide is so much more fulfilling, and informative.  Add to this, the fact that you’re always on the right path, and you have the recipe for a high quality experience.  Guided hikes can be taken inside and outside of Zion National Park.  Many jeep tours can also include short hiking experiences for those who are less inclined to hike longer distances.



This may not have been on your radar but thousands of people each year enjoy pelting their friends, family, and neighbors with a few paint splatters.  Garbed in coveralls, and full-face helmets, you can try your hand at targeting your opponents and winning the conflict on a mock battlefield.  It’s a rush like no other, and a lot of fun, but be prepared to run from protected cover as you and your team take on your strategic objectives. All of these activities, jeep tours, horseback riding, canyoneering, guided hiking, and paintball, are available on the east side of Utah’s Zion National Park at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.