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Hiking the Narrows

It’s summer and that means things are heating up in Zion National Park! Daytime temperatures can reach 100 degrees or even higher during the hottest part of the day. Here are a few tips for staying cool and beating the heat this summer in Zion:

1) Drink plenty of water and bring extra. Don’t underestimate the dry heat in Zion, and how quickly dehydration can set in during activity. We recommend drinking a gallon of water per person per day. 

2) Dress for the weather: a hat to protect your head, neck and face from the sun, and lightweight, breathable clothing to wick moisture away. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

3) Hike early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day. If you can’t avoid hiking in the middle of the day, take breaks often and know your limits.

4) Recognize early symptoms of heat exhaustion (heavy sweating, clammy skin, headaches, feelings of weakness, dizziness, or nausea). If experiencing any of these, find a cool spot to rest and get more fluids.

a group of people on a beach near a body of water

And while you’re staying and playing with us here at Zion Ponderosa, we have a few ways for you to stay cool while having fun in the sun. 

• Our two-tiered swimming pool is perfect for cooling off after a day of adventure.

• Take a spin around the pond on a canoe or paddle board. Simply stop by the rec barn to ask for paddles. This activity is free!

• While you’re at the rec barn, ask us about hikes to our favorite East Zion swimming holes. They’re the perfect way to cool off this summer!

• Save the best for last: When the sun goes down, the weather cools off. Head outside for a night of stargazing like you’ve never seen before.

tent camping stargazing

Whether you’re enjoying the day on Zion Ponderosa, adventuring with us in the cool slot canyons, hiking the Zion Narrows, or trekking the edge of the Virgin River along the Pa’arus Trail, please remember to recreate responsibly this summer and always supervise children closely around water. Be sure to stop by the Zion National Park Visitor Center for current conditions regarding the trails and Virgin River. 

Stay cool out there, friends! 

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