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Unique Ways to Enjoy Zion National Park

Unique Ways to Explore Zion National Park

It’s easy to recognize the magic in Zion National Park as soon as you enter. Towering sandstone walls touch the blue sky. Large birds of prey patrol those skies, flying high above the tallest of the walls. Vibrant plants grow healthily, their green color in direct contrast to the fiery red rocks. Petroglyphs etched into the faces of cliffs and boulders tell tales of people who had survived in the canyon centuries ago. Clear rivers and streams feed the wildlife in the park, keeping the land fertile, despite being located in the desert of Southern Utah. While this magic can be seen by simply driving through the park, some parts of the park can only be accessed on foot, by using technical gear, or by ATVs.  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get you there.

Guided Jeep Tour

Jeep Tours

Zion National Park Jeep tours like East Zion Jeep Tours can get you to locations in the park where others may struggle to get to. You can discover the rich plants and wildlife of the park, catch a glimpse of a stunning sunset over deep canyons and quickly move through rough terrain, all while riding in a comfortable Jeep.


Zion National Park is famous for its many slot canyons. Some of them are dry, others have water in them, and many require ropes and technical gear to get into, making them only accessible to Canyoneers. Canyoneering is moving through canyons using a variety of methods like hiking, scrambling, rappelling and swimming. But thanks to guide services close by the park, even people who have never rappelled before can experience Zion National Park’s spectacular slot canyons.

Guided Hiking tours near Zion

Guided Hikes

From the most famous hikes to hidden gems, guided hikes can help you get on some of the best trails in the park. Guides can also tailor your hiking day to your abilities, and answer your questions about the park.

horseback riding east zion

Horseback Riding

Native Americans and early Mormon pioneers rode through the exquisite canyons of Zion National Park on horseback. Now  you can experience the park through their eyes with a horseback riding tour. Hear the tales that took place between the canyon walls over a century ago, while swaying back and forth on the back of a horse.

Mountain Biking

Zion National Park also offers mountain biking trails. You can rent a mountain bike or fat tire bike and explore the desert of Southern Utah. The shuttle buses that run through the park are equipped with bike racks so you can get your bike to the trailheads you want to ride.

Rock Climbing

Zion National Park is world famous for its rock climbing routes. Rock climbing is a unique way to get to some of the park’s highest points to experience some of the most jaw-dropping views. Whether you’re new to climbing or have been lacing up your rock shoes for years, Zion National Park has enough rock for climbers of a wide range of experience. There are also guiding services close to the park that can help you with all the gear and knowledge you will need.

East Zion

Stay right on the edge of the park

Whether you’re traveling with a big or small group, you can stay right on the edge of the park when you book Zion National Park vacation rentals, which allow you to merge the comfort of a vacation home with the stunning nature of Southern Utah.