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a truck with a mountain in the background

The Guide:

Perhaps the first significant difference between a self-guided and guided experience is your guide.  A local guide is well educated in the history, geology, topography, and biology of the terrain.  Not getting lost ranks high on the value list, and then add to that the great bits of information you’ll glean from your guide, and the experience takes on a whole new meaning.

The Environment:

Stand in the shadows of a giant Ponderosa Pine tree and lean against the bark of the tree to smell the scent that emanates from this gentle giant.  We won’t give away the story here, but it’s part of what you may learn on a guided jeep tour.  Rest on a rock in a canyon of sandstone and listen to stories about the pioneers, Native Americans, or even the outlaws that traversed this terrain and you’ll marvel at how the world around you seems to come alive.  You’ll connect with the land as you feel the breeze cross your skin, as you watch wildlife scamper across the contoured terrain, and as you smell the scent of a broad variety of wildflowers.

The Ability to Relax:

When you’re not the driver, and you’re not the responsible party, you’ll breathe in the experience in a way that is simply not possible without the assurances that come with a guided jeep tour in Utah’s remote back country.