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Mandy guides an East Zion canyoneering adventure

Do you have resolutions to get outside, be more adventurous, or maybe even face some fears this year? We got you! At East Zion Adventures, we believe that the best part about guiding excursions is seeing people reach for new heights and push themselves farther than they thought they could go, both mentally and physically. Many of our adventures require you to dig deep, but the pay off is well worth it when you reach the top of that climb or rappel off that cliff—the one that made you cringe just minutes before! These are the moments you’ll never forget—and neither do we.

“There’s nothing better as a guide than helping someone achieve something hard that they didn’t think they could do.” 

–Johanna, East Zion Adventures guide

A Jersey girl’s first canyoneering adventure

Canyoneering with East Zion Adventures

Photo: Taylor Deer

As if the roller coaster of past few years hasn’t been enough of an adventure, sometimes you just have to step outside of your comfort zone. That’s exactly what Taylor did when she left New Jersey for a southern Utah excursion. Do you need a guide to explore Zion? Taylor knew it would be a great way to see new things and take on new adventures. So she booked a half-day canyoneering tour, one of the most popular East Zion Adventures experiences.

“I went out of my comfort zone with East Zion Adventures! We rappelled down 5-6 slot canyons and the deepest one was 70 feet! I was so proud of myself! I am so happy I went canyoneering and our guide Brig made it extra fun for all of us. The slot canyons are absolutely breathtaking as well! Since we missed out on Antelope Canyon, this totally made up for it. All of the slot canyons have been carved by water and wind, which makes it into the masterpieces they are now.”

Taylor Deer, @brown.eyed.flower.child on Instagram

This once-in-a-lifetime Zion adventure will take you into the most breathtaking slot canyons of Zion National Park. Book here.


Adventures with kids

Zion National Park canyoneering with kids

Former East Zion Adventures guide Johanna says that a successful canyoneering adventure with kids truly does depend on the child. While the recommended minimum age is 12 years old, “I’ve guided 6-year-olds who were rock stars,” she says. East Zion Adventures guides are equipped with both the skills and the patience necessary to help your little explorers face challenges, try new adventures and have an amazing time. For all ages, Johanna reminds us, “Conquering a scary, hard thing is amazing.”


Always a new adventure

Adventure Women Horseback Riding in East Zion, Utah

Working as an East Zion Adventures guide is an exciting, rewarding and diverse job. One day guides can be leading seasoned adventurers on 100-foot rappels, the next they can be guiding first-timers on horseback. Each moment of each day means providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences while safely guiding guests on canyoneering, Jeep, horseback and hiking adventures.

“To this day I remember the guests and the connection we had, even if it was for just one day or even one hour.”

– Mikayla, East Zion Adventures guide

Mikayla’s favorite guiding experience was taking people places where they had never been and sharing new experiences with them. “You see their eyes light up, like they know they have been a little bit changed since 30 seconds ago,” she says. “They don’t think they can do it or have the skill, but through a little friendly persuasion and coaching they do and they have never been so proud of themselves. For me that is the coolest experience to be a part of.”


For the love of Zion

All East Zion Adventure guides are CPR and First Aid certified, with a great love of people, adventure, and of course Zion National Park and the surrounding East Zion area. Here at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, our family-owned and operated business of 25 years is committed to giving you the perfect Zion getaway. We’ll take you jeeping, canyoneering, horseback riding and so much more, and then we’ll give you a warm meal and a place to rest before your next adventure.