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fall hike in zion

We love to adventure all year long, especially when it comes to taking advantage of fall’s cooler temperature and thinned out crowds. Here are some of Zion National Park’s best fall adventures in the park and around East Zion.

Spooky Sunset Jeep Adventure

Do you know the spine-tingling tale of Jolley Gulch? We’ll tell you all about it on this guided sunset Jeep tour. Here’s a hint: Mr. Jolley met his untimely demise at the bottom of the gulch, and some say his spirit lives on. This Jeep adventure includes a visit to the haunted Jolley Cabin, where you just may catch a glimpse of his ghost. Being chased by the Headless Horseman on your way to Jolley Gulch is the least of your worries on this spooktacular Jeep tour!

Hike Angel’s Landing

Conquer your fear of heights with a spine-tingling ascent to Angels Landing, one of Zion National Park’s most thrilling hikes. Chain handrails are available for an assist as you make the final climb, with sheer drop-offs of 1,000+ feet on either side. Don’t let your fear of heights stop you from tackling this hiking adventure. East Zion Adventures hiking guides have your back every step of the way when you book a guided hike.

fall hike to observation point

Trek to Observation Point

Far less scary than Angels Landing, yet equally breathtaking, is the hike to Observation Point across Zion Ponderosa. You’ll skip the 2,000-foot ascent by hiking across our property, rather than up from Zion Canyon. And since part of the trail is currently closed from within Zion National Park, this is your best bet to see one of the best views in Utah.

Grafton Ghost Town

Take a Day Trip to Grafton Ghost Town

Seven miles outside of Zion National Park lies an abandoned ghost town with a dark history. Washed away by floods, attacked by Native Americans, and plagued by failed crops, Grafton had it’s share of misfortune. Despite repeated attempts at resettlement, Grafton was completely abandoned in 1921. Today, all that remains are the haunting memories of the town’s cemetery and abandoned buildings.

Horseback Ride at Sunset

Horseback Ride

Listen to the crunch of autumn leaves beneath the hooves as you trot on guided horseback in a spectacular fall adventure. Embrace the views as you ascend the switchbacks to Pine Knoll viewpoint, or ride through the open range for a true Western Utah experience. East Zion Adventures trail rides can be customized to beginners and advanced riders.

fall scenic drive to cedar mountain

Scenic Drive to Cedar Mountain

Located just north of Zion Ponderosa, Cedar Mountain offers some of the region’s prettiest views of colorful fall foliage. The mountain provides water to the Virgin River that flows through Zion National Park. This vast mountain plateau, with peaks above 11,000 feet, is home to Cedar Breaks National Monument, Navajo Lake, and Dixie National Forest.

fall canyoneering adventure

Explore Zion’s Slot Canyons

Utah is full of hidden gems, especially when it comes to venturing into the narrow, winding slot canyons. An autumn guided canyoneering adventure is the best way to explore these mysterious spaces.