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eep tour group admiring sunset over Zion National Park

Sunset Jeep Tours on the east side of Utah’s Zion National Park are quite spectacular.  Clouds roll in across the upper Zion plateau at elevations ranging from 6,500′ and thousands of feet higher, so the views from Zion’s upper plateau are actually much better for sunset than  down inside the canyons.  For one thing, the visual expanse is greater and the ability to see a vast panorama of clouds at sunset is a definite plus.

Our guided Sunset Jeep Tours venture to high knolls on the plateau that offer open views to the west into Zion National Park, north to the pink cliffs of the Virgin River Rim, and south to the Kaibab Plateau and the Grand Canyon North Rim.

4x4 ATV jeep at sunset overlooking Zion National Park

Expert guides on our sunset Jeep tours provide insight into the various levels of terrain and geology, flora, and fauna, of this dramatic region .

Our Jeeps are equipment to smooth out the bumps, and glide across the rough back-country.  Wildlife will skitter across your path and mule deer, and wild turkeys are commonly spotted along your sunset journey.

Bring your video or still camera along to capture the breathtaking scenic views, long shadows from the setting sun, and enjoy the solitude at strategic stopping points.  Feel the breezes, and smell the spectrum of aromas from the foliage of east Zion’s upper plateau.