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Get the most out of your visit to Zion National Park with a guided hiking tour! You may not know all that there is to see and do here, but our knowledgeable hiking guides do. And not because we are biased or anything, but our Zion National Park hiking tours and expert guides are the best around. 

Our seasoned guides want you to have the best possible experience, and they always do their part to ensure your outdoor trek is both educational and fun. They will show you the secrets of Zion and share interesting stories and tidbits that you can’t read in a pamphlet all while keeping you safe. And whatever historical, geological, wildlife, or vegetation questions you have about Zion, they can answer them. Our Zion National Park hiking guides will also help plan your day’s schedule so that everyone in your hiking group can do and see everything you want during your Zion National Park hiking tour. 

As for the hikes themselves, there are several to choose from. No matter if you are a beginner or expert hiker, you can handle any of our offered hikes through Zion. Want to spend an entire day walking the desert wonderlands of Southern Utah? Take a full-day guiding hiking trip. Only have a few hours in the morning or afternoon open? Our half-day guided hiking tours are what you want. Looking for a hike that your whole family can do? The Sunset Guided Hike is for you—plus it offers some of the best views and picture-worthy moments. Two of our hikes even include food. All you have to remember is to bring water, good walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and a camera to snap pictures of Zion’s stunning sandstone landscapes.

The only question now is—are you ready to take your next adventure with us? Book your guided hiking tour with East Zion Adventures today!