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Quick Details

  • Beginners and experts welcome
  • Range and targets provided
  • Vest, Ear and Eye protection provided
  • Large groups (10+) may be accommodated
Adult Group sizes of 2-10 people
Youth Ages 8-15

The ultimate shooting experience with high adrenaline fun!

This is the ultimate shooting experience with high adrenaline fun, which is perfect for beginners as well as experienced shooters. This unique firearm experience will include basic firearm safety, gun range etiquette, how to hold and shoot a firearm (both handguns and rifles), and training on firearm use. We will start on a private outdoor 50 yard flat range with metal targets, and then move on to our progressive shooting range.

This experience includes transportation to the firearm range, all necessary safety equipment (protective shooting vest, eye and ear protection, and ammunition), and firearms. Our modern handguns and rifles are equipped with red dot optics to enhance the accuracy and overall experience.

All shooting experiences can and will be modified to the guest’s expertise.

Please be on time, or you will be left.